Saturday, March 8, 2008

Starting Over...

Ok, there are a few guys in my life. Some I see all the time, like the ex, and guys from work and school. Then there's guys who show up every few months and cause trouble- two in particular are Greek Boy and Fuckface. I've flirted heavily with both, but nothing to fruition with either of them. Now there's a new guy, I'm kind of interested in, I think he's going to be called Tall Guy, for now.

Last week, SE (stupid ex) was texting a new girl while I was over, which set me off that there's no way we're getting back together, but I was still pissed. So I have a crazy melodramatic freakout in the car, movie-style, and punch myself in the jaw. I'm not fucking with you. And the crazy part is, that wasn't enough pain for me, so I decide to go get my nose pierced, over at Black Ball in M-town.

So I go in to get it pierced, and Fathead vaguely recognizes me after a bit, and there's this really tall guy who comes in at the same time as me. He came back when I got my nose pierced, which was weird because I was super emotional and when the needle went in, I swore quite loudly and then just started crying. There wasn't really anybody else there, so the guys were okay with me hanging out for a while, I wasn't going bowling for a while. I'm sitting here, head back, tears running down my face, and TG is staring at my tits. Not kidding, I think I asked what he was thinking, and he said my breasts, which are quite nice, and Fathead pierced my nipples for me, so he knows I've got them done too. So the piercer has to go and change another girl's jewelry, and TG is just sort of hanging out, and asks me out for coffee, which I don't ordinarily say yes to. I am the queen of standing up guys, but I wanted to do something different, and he's nice and normal looking. And coffee goes well, we talk for a few hours and I end up late for bowling.

So we just had a date-ish thing last night, and it was lovely. He's cute, quiet, nervous, older, going through a divorce, and hasn't been with anybody since his wife. And he's not a bad kisser. :D

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