Monday, May 19, 2008

I think I need to study more often.

I'm retaking Chemistry 111 and 112 this summer, at the community college I went to a little bit ago. The drive sucks, but it gives me time to see the mister during the week, rather than driving back to Mt. P right away. I also use the class time for knitting, reading comic books, and real books too. Tall Guy/Boyfriend got me American Gods, since I'm a fan of Stardust and Eternals (Neil Gaiman books), so I've been working away at that.

Stupid Ex still texts me quite often, and its weird. I don't know when the last time I saw him and didn't do something I would regret was, so these messages are quite weird. For example, "and i know what i said, but would it be bad to say that i miss you, and that i still think about you?" is a bit weird, he's got a girlfriend (the cow) that he cheats on with me, and will openly admit that the sex sucks, she's pushing him waaaaaay too hard into a relationship, and she has mom boobs and mom hair. He slept with me, they broke up, he sleeps with me again, they get back together, and he keeps cheating on her. Now, I don't know a lot about relationships, but I don't think theirs is working, at all. I don't know, maybe this girl really is that fucking stupid.

One of my best friends from high school had a bonfire, which I took TG to, and SE called during. Weird. A, who had the bonfire, is getting married next summer to a kind of geeky, goofy guy. I guess I'm happy for her, if she's happy. It just really feels like all of my friends are rushing into things now, and I'm starting over again. I've known D even longer than A, and she's been with the same guy for five years- they don't live together yet, but she knows how many kids she wants. There's just something kind of off about that- she isn't even 20 yet. But I have persuaded her to start going to knitting group with me, and I might try and see if she'll try sock knitting. More young people need to do this, most definitely.

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